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------ Section 1

Letters Have No Arms
-- Postings from Phil Honolulu, Los Angeles raconteur.

The Man Who Viewed Too Much
-- Movie reviews from Mike D'Angelo [of Esquire].

-- Postings from Tierney.

The Superficial
-- The B.Tizzy turned me on to this. Superficial people, pictures, the usual...for

Funkey Jim a.k.a. Love the Clown
-- Funkey Jim, he's a clown.
-- And now his umbrella corporation: American Vendor Promotions.

Ricky Jay
-- Conjurer, co-founder of Deceptive Practices.

J.T. LeRoy
-- Just a regular guy tellin' regular guy stories.

-- He's a hero.

-- Images, sounds and words from Ethan Persoff.

------ Section 2

Connal Hughes
-- Graphic design and image work from one of the best people I've ever known.

drawing postcards
-- He may have a little pencil, but he sure knows how to wield it.
--- Editor's pick for "Top Up-And-Comer In The Art World".

-- C.O.P. photography.

Gregory Barsamian
-- Three dimensional genuis. [thank you lorin partridge]

The Cremaster Cycle
-- Hermeticism, Houdini, Opera, Rams and Dancing Girls from Matthew Barney.
----- [includes an instructional video on how to shape the perfect ashler]

Museum Ludwig [Matthew Barney]
-- The Cremaster Cycle at the Museum Ludwig.

Brian M. Clark
-- Denver-based artist, Minister of Info for Un-Pop.

-- The thought sensation that's sweepin' the nation.

La Luz de Jesus
-- Los Angeles art gallery.

-- Art commission.

Heart Fine Art
-- Art book dealer.

Chris Ware @ Fantagraphics
-- Creator of the Acme Novelty Library and that rapscallion Quimby the Mouse (he's so funny).

The Biologic Show
-- Information on the Al Columbia work of awesomeness.

-- Games and such.

-- New advertisers.

Daniel Askill []
-- New advertiser.

Subterranean Cinema
-- Scripts for The Day The Clown Cried and The Tony Clifton Story,
----the soundtrack for El Topo, stuff like that.

Maldoror: The Movie
-- And they said it couldn't be done.

Sifl & Olly
-- Liam Lynch's sock puppet show...of awesomeness.

------ Section 3

Swami Records
-- John Reis' label featuring The Sultans, Dan Sartain, Beehive & Barracudas, more.

The Husbands
-- Creators of happenin' rock shows on the West Coast.

The Black Keys
-- Cooler than George W. Bush, more rockin' than Yanni. Great music from great peeps.

The Ragtime Ephemeralist
-- "...addresses your home or office syncopation needs."

------ Section 4

Modern Drunkard
-- For those who live life but will also die someday... maybe sooner than the others.

-- Telling you all the stuff your Mom didn't.

Coast To Coast AM
-- Nightly broadcasts bringing you the truth.

This American Life
-- From WBEZ in Chicago.

------ Section 5

New York Review Books
-- Re-printers of the formerly out-of-print Diary of a Rapist, Moravagine,
--- The Invention of Morel and other neat-o stuff.

Black Mask Online
-- Purveyor of internet literature.

The Catholic Enyclopedia
-- Stuff on saints and sinners and sacraments.

------ Section 6

J. Alfred Prufrock & Co.
-- Interesting business model.

-- New thinking, an outgrowth from The Reality Club.

Sideshow World
-- Stuff on saints and sinners and sideshows.

Brain Injury Resource Foundation
-- What the name says.

Shut Up, Little Man!
-- Entertaining me since I was 14, may God bless Peter & Raymond.

Payphone Project - Payphone Listings
-- Part of a larger site that deals with phones which require money to operate.

Mr. Dan Kelly's Links
-- Links to some good stuff, links to some not so good stuff.

------ Section 7

MR Productions
-- He used to carry a small toy figure of Beverly Crusher in his pocket.


J.J. Oblivian
Los Angeles, CA
Age: 27

I'm in a gang
called California.

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